Aircraft engineer takes flight and buys a Hydraulink business

By Sarah Stowe | 25 Feb 2021 View comments

The expansion of the Logan City area of Brisbane has convinced licensed aircraft engineer Peter Thomson to change careers and buy into his own Hydraulink business.

As a sales and service technician he will serving the rapidly growing area in the southern metropolitan area of Brisbane, which is expected to grow from its current population of 335,000 to 500,000 by 2035.

Peter brings 25 years of precision engineering and rigorous safety practice experience to the national hoses and fittings group which now has a network of more than 400 service points, including many locally owned franchises.

Hydraulink’s tagline “best under pressure” sums up its business – delivering essential, safety-compliant and traceable hydraulic hose, fittings and services with expertise to industries requiring prompt, quality 24/7 service – either on-site or off-site.

The brand is expanding, extending its services from Brisbane to Cairns and inland to serve major agricultural, energy, infrastructure, resources, transport and other industries.

“The timing of this opportunity to join a go-ahead company like Hydraulink with a high industry profile was very timely for a number of reasons,” says Peter.

“I am at a good stage of life to invest my energy and strong technical background into determining my own future, growing with the big expansion here. Our local area needs excellent hydraulic service backing for major industries such as housing and infrastructure development, earthmoving and roads, transport, warehousing and retail distribution, municipal and all the other industries that come with growth,”  he adds.

“After the impact of Covid on many industries, I believed it was time to take a look into the future and decide where I wanted to go over the years ahead. I had the opportunity to slow down and take stock, to decide how I wanted to take my future into my own hands and provide a good strong future for my young family.”

Peter liked Hydraulink’s strong company profile and sees it as a business with momentum, with great training, a reputation for high quality service delivery and compliance, and franchisees with a can-do attitude.

“So I dug deeper into the opportunity – as an aircraft engineer you take nothing for granted – and found that there was true depth of professionalism and service backing Hydraulink people. The company wants you to succeed and they will back you to do it. They have a clear idea about where they want to demonstrate leadership and I am happy to share that path to achievement.”

As an engineer, Peter praises the company’s emphasis on doing the job right the first time and at a fair price.

“That is how you build trust in a local community such as ours. You have to have substance and value,” he says.

Hydraulink franchise manager, Wayne Abbott, says Peter’s skill set and attitudes are a strong fit with the business ethos of building ethical, reliable and responsive businesses to serve local communities and industry.

“We were highly impressed with his attitude to challenges, his will to build a solid business and succeed, as well as his very strong qualifications to do so,” explains Wayne.