Legacy firm Hydraulink gearing up for growth

By Sarah Stowe | 17 Jul 2020 View comments

Just seven years in franchising but a lifetime of experience in the hydraulic hose industry – that’s what you buy into with a Hydraulink mobile franchise.

This heritage firm has profited from its focus on a niche market, repairing hydraulic hose and fittings.

And there’s a demand across a vast number of sectors.

Hydraulink franchisees are on the road servicing industries such as road, rail and construction, logistics, warehousing, agriculture and fishing, mining, demolition contractors and the defence force.

More than 70 years after the business first began, Hydraulink has 400+ units operating across the Asia-Pacific region, with 115 in Australia.

Its tagline “Best under pressure” sums up the focus Hydraulink is taking. The 75-year-old firm is expanding its reach, gearing up for a customer-centric future and focusing on top quality service.

You might think with the spotlight on quality that trades-experience would be essential for franchisees. It isn’t however. What Hydraulink does require is mechanical aptitude. And of course an absolute passion for fixing things.

For new franchisees it all starts with four days training at the Hydraulink Academy. Technical info and other training tips are part of an ongoing program of learning and support for franchisees.

It’s common for franchisors to charge a marketing levy to cover the costs of national brand marketing but Hydraulink doesn’t follow that path. That doesn’t mean the brand keeps quiet about its work and its customer benefits.

A corporate website, dealer locator and a national 1300 call centre number to direct enquiries to the local franchisee are part of the branding presence.

Hydraulink gearing up for growth

Hydraulink reaches new customers through social and print media campaigns, and at industry trade shows Head office supports local area marketing strategies with graphic design and marketing collateral. merchandise.

The brand is also involved in sponsoring events and promotions.

Each franchisee can market their business within their own geographical territory.

Will it cost you big time to invest in this business?  Depending on your finance funding options and business needs, entry level start up costs will be between $95,000 and $150,000. This amount includes a franchise fee, training,  stock, vehicle and equipment, and the working capital you’ll need to keep trading in the early months.