Why is Mad Mex hotter than a jalapeno?

By Sarah Stowe | 21 Dec 2017 View comments

Inside Franchise Business: Mad Mex offers a Baja inspired menuMad Mex offers gourmet Baja dishes together with quick service, and considers its purpose is to inspire bold, honest, healthy living through Mexican food with attitude.

“Mad Mex is a destination for families, couples and groups who seeking authentic, fresh and healthy Mexican food in a friendly, upbeat, vibrant Mexican street atmosphere,” says director Phillip Blanco.

“Our customers care about authentic fresh flavours as well as what they use to fuel their body. They prefer Mad Mex because they know exactly what they’re eating, and can customise their meal to suit their tastes.”

Mad Mex has a range of formats to suit different environments. Ideal sites are in high-volume locations with strong foot traffic, such as CBDs, suburban dining strips or shopping-centre entertainment and leisure precincts.

“Size can vary from 120 to 160sqm, or even smaller in premium food courts,” says Blanco.

He says customers are increasingly time poor and looking for restaurant-quality food options at better pricing in convenient locations. “We are always updating, innovating and improving our menu to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

“We also have gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan options, and are constantly sourcing new tasty options. We use only stall-free pork and grass-fed beef. All our oils are free of trans-fats, and we also offer Halal products.”

Max Mex considers home and office delivery a rapidly growing area of the business. “We are now rolling out our delivery options via partnerships with service providers, as well as developing our own in-house model.”

Technology initiatives are also on the menu. “Mad Mex support office has invested heavily in IT initiatives over the past three years to improve our systems.” Using the latest software technology and hardware helps its franchisee partners maximise their profits, says Blanco.

He believes IbisWorld’s prediction about customer preferences for peer-reviewed eateries “can only be a positive for the industry, as the good operators are the ones who will flourish and reap the benefit of positive customer feedback and reviews”.

He says the industry leaders are totally focused on the total customer experience and journey, and have measurement systems in place to ensure customer satisfaction is increasing.

Franchisees benefit from regional managers and marketing help, including local-area marketing. “We provide a comprehensive six-week training program for new franchisees and their leadership team.”

Blanco says the main challenges are that of running a small business for the first time, which in a franchise has the benefit of proven systems, training and ongoing support.

The initial franchise investment is between $375,000 and $550,000. Franchisees are offered a five-year initial franchise agreement, with the option of an extra five-year term. The franchisor helps with site selection, design and project management, and offers a turn-key model.

“No specific skills are required, but it’s a positive if you have had some exposure to the food and hospitality industry,” says Blanco. “It’s also helpful if you have a background in small business, or experience in leading teams.

“Ultimately, we’re really looking for passionate ‘people people’ who are a little cheeky and capable of hiring and leading an amazing team to deliver outstanding customer service.”