Top Snap upgrades property management system

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

Property photography franchise, Top Snap has upgraded its online property management system known as Genie Pro.

The system, which Top Snap has custom built exclusively for its franchisees, is now hosted on a cloud based platform.

It delivers a secure back-up, improved applications and a seamless user experience with the end result being a faster and better experience for the customer. 

Marketing manager Vivian Catelino explained a number of features of the Genie Pro enable franchisees to boost business.

“[It] gives them the power to take their business to the next level with the inbuilt CRM; centrally and automated image workflow management; and a business suite to manage all day-to-day business aspects, which includes direct invoicing and targeted marketing mailouts,” he said.

The newly upgraded system was also designed with the Top Snap customer in mind. “Genie Pro allows our customers to manage all their digital assets from their personalised portal,” said Josh Wong, Top Snap’s head of production and technology.

“All of this ultimately allows the interactive collaboration with Top Snap photographers, offering our clients a range of property marketing products from the traditional property photography to cutting edge technology that can aggregate all your existing content in a single location."

Once a franchisee's photography job is complete, their client can use Genie Pro to:

  • Download or email their property images to their desktop
  • Forward images to suppliers and vendors
  • Share images on social media
  • Create free video slideshows
  • Request revisions on images through the company’s photo request system