Subway competition allows young entrepreneurs to build their own virtual business

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

Subway is currently running a competition where budding entrepreneurs are invited to build, train, operate and promote their own virtual store.

The competition requires that competitors:

1. Choose a suitable location for their store
2. Produce a video to promote their store
3. Have their knowledge of how Subway operates as a business tested
4. Write up copy promoting their store
5. Have an interview with the head of global development
6. Drive customer traffic

Competitors will earn bonuses for completing challenges and achieving goals, and winners will be determined based on the amount of capital their virtual stores generate.

When the competition concludes on 12 March, five winners will receive an all-expenses paid trip to the US, where they will meet the company’s founder, Fred DeLuca and its global executive team.

They will attend a session at the University of Subway, and embark on a VIP tour of the company’s global headquarters.

It will be interesting to see how the company will determine these five winners, considering there are currently 22 competitors from countries including France, Germany, Romania, the Netherlands and Australia sitting in first place, as they have each raised 35,000 in capital.

A group of 100 finalists will also be granted access to the company’s global network of job opportunities, and every participant will receive a certificate of success for building their own virtual store.

If you are interested in taking part in the competition and building your own virtual store, click here.