Snap Print and Canva partnership gives franchisees a competitive edge

By Sarah Stowe | 16 Feb 2021 View comments

An exciting new partnership between Snap Print & Design and Canva has just given the print chain’s franchisees a competitive advantage.

Sonia Shwabsky, chief growth officer at Snap, said “As the Snap business moves towards providing a comprehensive ecommerce solution for its printing services, the collaboration with Canva supercharges the design phase, delivering a seamless digital design experience for our online community.

“Canva has truly empowered the world of design, and we’re excited to be partnering Snap’s national network of printing experts with the best design software in the world.”

Snap CEO Richard Thame told Inside Franchise Business “Investing in technology like this is an attractive proposition for potential buyers. The business is easier to own and operate with more sales channels, and we’ll be introducing a range of new products.”

There are now more potential buyers interested in investing in the print business. Younger franchisees in particular are drawn to businesses that operate across multi-channels, he said.

“The exciting thing is this is a genuine print solution that offers full professional design printing in an offline or online environment. There is a full gamut of options.”

Richard expects the new partnership will be a drawcard for new and existing customers of the print chain which numbers more than 140 outlets across Australia.

“We can help them [customers] apply a design to lots of different types of print – turn it into labels, signboards, into a more integrated campaign,” he said.

Snap will launch a Zoom video consultation process as part of the print chain’s digital transformation. Also in the line-up is an ecommerce platform.