San Churro’s new savoury menu gives franchisees another revenue stream

By Sarah Stowe | 17 Feb 2021 View comments

Think San Churro, think sweet treats? Well now the Aussie dessert chain has switched up its menu and added a selection of tasty tapas.

The innovative Signature Savoury menu gives franchisees another revenue stream to boost the popular churros and chocolate treats the cafe chain is renowned for.

Twenty-five stores around the country will offer the new savoury range this month, and there are plans to extend this option further across 2021.

The Signature Savoury menu is exclusively available at select stores across Australia for dine in, pick-up or delivery orders. Customers can choose four tapas plates for $30, six plates for $45 or eight plates for $60.

The new range celebrates the flavours of Spain, with cheesy croquettes, mouth-watering meatballs, traditional empanadas and a selection of toasties and pitas.

San Churro’s head of product development Zoe Farrell championed the menu innovation.

“While all items on the menu complement the flavours of our dessert range, we also needed to create a delicious savoury menu that was suitable for all types of dining experiences – from big groups enjoying a night out to on-the-go snacking,” she said.

The concept was trialled last year and research with consumers and loyalty (el SOCIAL) members backed Zoe’s instinct to extend the range to include more snack-based and savoury products. As a result of the trial, all participating stores showing an incremental sales increase.

San Churro CEO Giro Maurici said “Our expansion to include a savoury product menu has been a long time coming and when we received such positive feedback from San Churro fans we knew this was the perfect time to see our Spanish tapas range come to life.

“We have carefully curated all savoury menu items to complement our much-loved churros dessert range, and this has been reaffirmed in our recent sale figures.”