Retail Food Group shines light on its own changes in wake of franchising report

By Sarah Stowe | 15 Mar 2019 View comments

Retail Food Group responds to franchising report recommendations after Senate committee singles out the franchisor for further investigation

Retail Food Group is backing positive changes recommended in the franchising report while positioning itself as a company fixing up its failures. 

The “Fairness in Franchising” Report was published by the Federal Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services.

The committee put the spotlight firmly on RFG in the report with a case study on the troubled business.  The report calls for further enquiries into the multi-brand franchisor’s operations and dealings.

It suggested a cross-group body conduct a wide-reaching investigation.

The franchisor responded with a statement: “RFG has an established history of cooperation with regulators and takes its compliance with all of its legal obligations extremely seriously,” it said.

Retail Food Group changes

RFG is keen to shake off the shadow of a failing business model which is once again in focus with the  release of the report.

It introduced change in its network through a policy and practices review and by implementing a board renewal strategy. It also brought in a new senior leadership team, led by turnaround expert executive chairman Peter George.

George said “The current management team and board completely understand that RFG’s future success is directly linked to the profitability of its franchisees.

“We have instituted a comprehensive program of investment and improvement to materially help existing and new franchisees grow and prosper,” he said.

RFG confirmed it will support any changes which will benefit the franchising industry.