Recruitment is about service: Jim’s Mowing

By Melissa Adeson | 11 Jun 2019 View comments

What does great recruitment have to do with service? Here at Jim’s Mowing it has everything to do with it, because the best franchisees will be great at it. That is where we have focused for more than 30 years.

First step to great recruitment

Identify who you are looking for, and what their values and motivations are. If they just want to make the most money, then it might not be the right match – it isn’t for Jim’s Mowing.  Our business needs people who have a passion for the outdoors and the drive to do a fantastic job every time.  Many of our franchisees come through referrals and even customers who decide that they want to get out from behind their desk.

Jim’s Mowing recruitment is all about service to franchise buyers

Once we have an interested applicant, we provide them with great service.

Supporting them through every step of the purchasing process, we allocate them two points of contact. We connect them with their own sales support member, and the franchisor who owns the region where they live. We give them someone to sit face to face with, someone who can answer their questions, someone who can answer their family’s questions, someone to gain their trust, and importantly contact with the person who will support them after they buy.

Then it is about giving them everything they need to make a decision.

Every person has a different decision making list. For some it is referrals or testimonials, for some it is price, for some it is time, and for some it is even a feeling of rightness. At Jim’s Mowing we give them everything they need to tick every box on their list.

We provide access to everything Jim’s Mowing and welcome their interest and enthusiasm in the brand. We enforce waiting periods, making sure they really take the time to decide if this is for them. To help them find out what other franchisees say we give them the contact details of franchisees in the region they are looking to purchase, so they can contact them all. In addition we take them out for as many trial days as they need to make sure the work matches their skill.

Everything we can do to ensure if they choose Jim’s they will succeed, we do. In fact, we are so confident in our process that we train them before they sign the contract.

Our feedback shows that one element stands out for the potential franchisee and it’s the thing that gets them saying “yes”. It is the care and attention they receive from everyone. The service they receive.

How to evaluate the potential franchisee

From beginning to end, everyone from the sales team through to Jim himself has input into the decision – is this person right for Jim’s?

What we look for is their passion and drive, how they as a person will represent our brand.

  • Do they pay attention in training?
  • Are they well presented?
  • Do they ask questions on the trial days?

Jim meets them all during training and group meals, presenting his view on customer service.  The sales team focus on their answers to the personal questions; do they have backing to run a business, the family support and cash to start up? The franchisor looks for their ability to take feedback and identifies their personal support requirements, be they business knowledge or on the job skills.

The ultimate question we all ask ourselves is – do we think this person will succeed?

If after they have been through training, trial days and territory discussions, we all agree that this person is right for us, and we believe they can earn a comfortable living and have the Jim’s lifestyle, only then will we issue a contract and invite them to join our family.