Price Attack entices apprentices to join the hair care sector

Hairdressing salon and retail chain Price Attack is on a mission to boost the number of hairdressing apprentices across Australia and as part of this goal is sponsoring an Apprentice of the Year award at the independent Australia Hair and Fashion Awards.

Price Attack CEO John Pascoe said Australian hairdressing apprenticeship figures were dropping, despite projections showing this career had significant growth.

“There are many careers out there in decline,” John Pascoe said. “But the hair care industry is booming. According to the Australian Government Department of Jobs and Small Business in 2019 over 73,000 people were employed as hairdressers across Australia. This number was forecast to jump to just under 80,000 by 2024, indicating continued growth in this segment of the country’s services sector.”

He said sponsoring the Apprentice of the Year award allowed Price Attack to show its commitment to upskilling people in the industry.

“We recognise there is a shortage in people undertaking hairdressing apprenticeships and are looking for ways to promote hairdressing as an attractive career,” he said.

“We want people to change their attitude to hairdressing as a career, see the great changes to the sector and how there is so much room for development. It is exciting, vibrant and more creative than ever before.”

There are 64 outlets in the Price Attack chain.

The chain’s business development manager (corporate stores), and a hairdresser, Corinne Baker, said an apprenticeship was a ‘licence to cut’, a passport to travel the world.

“I worked on cruise ships for eight years,” she said. “I have travelled to Egypt, South America, Alaska, Europe and the Mediterranean: anywhere a ship could go I have been there. The beauty is people are always happy because they are on holidays, so the working environment is upbeat. 

“Cruise ships have begun operating in other parts of the world, so now is the perfect time to start an apprenticeship so by the time you are trained you could be heading overseas for a job of a lifetime.”