Pinot & Picasso expanding to open studios across Australia

By Sarah Stowe | 15 Dec 2020 View comments

Art studio franchise Pinot & Picasso is ready to grow in select regions around Australia.

The experience-based business is looking to open in North Queensland, metro Brisbane and Melbourne, Adelaide City and Perth CBD and surrounds.

Director James Crowe told Inside Franchise Business “Due to New South Wales being at capacity, we’re encouraging our existing vendors to look outside of the state for future prospects. The key to the success of existing distance locations (Geelong, Newcastle, Malvern) is finding a manager on the ground and the digital nature of our business.

“There’s plenty of opportunity to manage this at distance when staffing is correct, and the Pinot & Picasso app, our advanced WordPress website and the business effectively run from G-Suite – it makes it extremely manageable.”

Remote management is increasing as franchisees choose to invest in areas outside their neighbourhoods, even purchasing interstate studios, he said.

“New businesses have been exceptional through this period. We’re finding our studios are trading at the same if not stronger numbers than pre-Covid. This is especially exciting considering most of the studios are trading at 60 per cent capacity (reduced through social distancing).”

James believes the adaptability of the franchise through the pandemic has stood it in good stead.

“I think that our business remaining nimble through Covid, digitally adapting to the times through our virtual experience, ensured our brand stayed front of mind while delivering an exceptional in-home entertainment experience.”

Virtual art sessions for large, national brands have also worked well.

“These have been super important in growing the brand at a national level, and bridging the gap in corporate team building virtually,” James said.

He also cites consistent, thorough and targeting digital marketing as crucial in keeping the brand relevant and front of mind during the last six months.