Want to own your own business, but you’re not sure where to start? Well… “Amber has the Answer”

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A highly recognised and respected brand

For almost 50 years, the Amber brand has been synonymous with style, quality and value. The
Amber network supplies retail, trade and design customers with a range of surface solutions
including, bathrooms, kitchens, indoor floor surfaces, outdoor paving, natural stone cladding, pool
paving/tiles, retaining walls and synthetic surfaces.

The Amber franchise system draws on years of experience and research to provide highly-effective
marketing, inventory and accounting systems, financial management and business support.

“The brand has been built on co-operation and respect between franchisor and franchisees,” says
Shirley Liew (CEO). “We’re totally committed to the success of every franchisee because that’s what
drives the success of the whole network.”

What it takes to succeed?
In 1973, Paul Cave (founder of ‘Sydney Bridge Climb’) launched the first Amber store and went on to
grow a successful network of outlets becoming a household brand in the tile market. Similar to its
founder, Amber seeks out a similar quality of entrepreneurial spirit when recruiting new franchisees
into the Amber family.

New opportunities are now available!
With growth in new residential housing and renovation activity, low interest rates and an economy
powering ahead in a post-Covid environment, opportunities for new stores are now available in high
growth locations.

Act now!… Be part of a $1.3bn growing market
There is unlikely to be a better time to consider investing in an Amber franchise business. Contact us
today, either by email: franchising@ambertiles.com.au or phone on 02 96210444.