Become your own boss with a NightOwl franchise

By Sponsored | 20 Jan 2020 View comments

Feel like you’re stuck in a rut? Ready to escape the rat race? Maybe it’s time you took the plunge and became your own boss.

While it might seem like a massive task, taking control of your career isn’t as difficult as you may think. Take NightOwl, Australia’s fastest growing convenience store network for example.

Over more than 32 years of operation, the NightOwl franchise business has built a solid network of satisfied partners, many of which have no industry experience. So, how did they do it?

The NightOwl strategy

Established in 1975, the NightOwl franchise convenience system was the nation’s first 24-hour trading retail business, making the move into franchising in 1987.

Now, with more than 70 NightOwl stores across Queensland and New South Wales, the brand continues to increase market share of the convenience industry, making it one of the largest convenience franchise operators in the country.

The secret to NightOwl’s success is its industry-leading support model.

All NightOwl franchise partners are boosted by a series of modern marketing techniques and high-tech innovations, such as LED screens, Beacon Technology and the NightOwl Mobile App.

But beyond just the bright lights and slick campaigns, franchise partners are nurtured through the process by NightOwl’s team of experienced support staff.

As a NightOwl franchisee, you receive;

  • group buying and marketing power,
  • the support of a recognised brand
  • the flexibility to adapt your stock to suit local demographics,
  • a proven Return on Investment (ROI) model, and
  • on-going operations, training and merchandising support.

What’s more, retail experience is not essential for franchisees, with the only requirement being an entrepreneurial spirit and a drive for success.

NightOwl franchise formats

What really makes the model stand out however, is NightOwl’s innovative triple-pronged approach to franchise formats.

Prospective franchisees are offered a choice of three operating models; full time owner/operator, a 50/50 owner/staff operated store or a pure investment model that is 100 per cent managed by a team of staff.

You choose your level of involvement, from owner/operator right through to passive investor, the partnership is whatever you make it, and you won’t be left on your own.

NightOwl provides an intensive five-week practical program that covers all bases of day-to-day operations. The franchisor provides guidance and support to ensure all franchisees feel confident in the systems prior to launching their business.

If you are interested in joining Australia’s longest-serving convenience franchise network and being part of an ever-growing family, visit and become your own boss today!