Oporto store shuts after rat infestation video emerges

A viral video has led to the immediate closure of an Oporto store in Sydney this week, after concerns were raised over the outlet’s hygiene standards.

The one-minute video, which was posted to Facebook by user Vijay Kumar on Thursday showed several rats running across the floor of the restaurant.

“This one goes out to all the Oporto lovers out there! Think zillion times before you walk again into this place,” Kumar wrote on the post, which has since been viewed more than 11,000 times.

Oporto head office moved quickly to close the outlet, confirming that all precautionary measures had been undertaken to ensure the health and safety of all patrons and staff members was maintained.

“We were made aware of the Broadway Oporto video on the morning of Thursday 17 January and the store was immediately closed – footage was posted on social around midnight,” Oporto told Inside Franchise Business in a statement.

“Since then, the store has undergone a full decontamination and industrial cleaning process to ensure all surfaces are hygienic and safe.”

The Broadway outlet is subject to considerable construction work in the surrounding area, which Oporto confirmed was the likely cause of the vermin.

“Pest control officers were called in. They confirmed the cause was unrelated to the store’s sanitation standards, they assessed the premises and no nest was found inside the store. The vermin appear to have accessed the Broadway restaurant via a ventilation hole or other access point from outside.”

The franchise chain confirmed that the store will remain closed, and clean until both Oporto and health inspectors are satisfied that vermin cannot re-enter the premises from the outside.

“Moving forward, not only are we increasing pest control services within the restaurant, we are working with City of Sydney Environmental Health, Food Safety Division to ensure that preventative measures are robust – especially in light of the considerable construction work is taking place in the Broadway area,” Oporto said.