Military music maestro and army son combine forces as Minuteman Press franchisees

By Sarah Stowe | 26 Jul 2018 View comments

Military veterans, Philip and Adam Anderson, have joined forces to build a future in franchising.

The father and son duo have joined the chorus of franchisees at Minuteman Press International, and after four years have found their rhythm as marketing services providers.

Their combined talents have brought them local business success, with three awards already under their belt.

But it’s a long way from their previous careers.

Philip has an outstanding record of military service, recognised in the 2004 Queen’s Birthday Honours with the Medal of the Order of Australia.  He enjoyed the privilege of leading one of Australia’s premier military ensembles as the Director of Music of the Royal Australian Navy Band from 2002 until 2012 and proudly wears the Australian Active Service and Iraq Campaign Medals

His son and partner in business, Adam, a former member of the Australian Army and French Foreign Legion, and the recipient of a bravery award in 2010, believes the lessons of resilience against adversity and dedication that the pair have learned in their former lives have stood them in good stead in business.

It has helped to have a supportive franchisor too.

Philip says “It has been a big ‘sea change’ for us and there have been many challenges to overcome; not least of all, the day to day operations of a digital print, design and marketing centre. Fortunately, we have benefitted from great support from the Minuteman Press field representatives and our area manager, Jeff Lewis. They truly are experts in their field and it would have been impossible to gather new customers and operate the business without their support and encouragement.”

The pair own and operate the Liverpool Minuteman Press business, and have taken on particular roles that are naturally aligned with their talents. Adam is the face of the business, an active member of the business community sitting on local boards and committees and a former vice president of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Phillip brings his wisdom to an elder statesman role.

But there’s no holding back this pair, who can’t resist the opportunity for a bit of fun and music in heir lives.

Philip still finds time to employ his musical talents, conducting a school orchestra and taking on guest conductor opportunities at home and overseas.

And Adam is participating in a gala fundraising dance-off, the Stars of Sydney South West, which is raising money for the Cancer Council of New South Wales. His dad comments “He has zero dance experience; but has two sisters who have danced professionally so maybe dance is in his blood! Adam is most excited about supporting an amazing charity and having fun doing it.”

The community plays a significant role in their business.

“We support the Police Citizen’s Youth Club and Ingham Institute by providing free print products each year and we also provide work opportunities for people from disadvantaged backgrounds who are trying to get back into the workforce.”

As franchisees, Philip and Adam are enjoying their new lives. Phillip has found his new role, providing marketing services, is similar in exciting ways to his last position as the Leader of the Royal Australian Navy Band and this provides an added sense of satisfaction.

“Both jobs have a high creative element. We create products and deliver services to our customers. In my previous life, my team composed, arranged music and delivered ceremonial services for performances to audiences ashore and afloat.

“In the print shop, we create engaging designs and deliver the finished product to our customers. Those designs make their way into the hands of thousands of people whether it be in the form of the traditional flyer or brochure or on a promotion product or as an eye-catching sign on a vehicle or shop front.

“The most gratifying jobs (which are not necessarily the ones with the highest profit margins) are the ones we do for other small business owners, people like us who are trying to make their way in a very competitive field.

“Yes, we are printers; but we do much more than just business cards and flyers! We help our customers connect with their communities.”

Jeff Lewis is the area manager for Minuteman Press International in NSW/QLD and he knows well the reason for the continued success of Minuteman Press in Liverpool.  He says, “The Andersons clearly demonstrate what it means to be a family business. Their strong family values can be felt among their community. Whether they are donating their time to charities or helping another business grow, their presence is felt.

“They take pride in their business and it shines through with exceptional service and top-quality work. The Andersons have big hearts which is why they are loved by their loyal customers and peers.”