How poor standards in childcare inspired a mum to build a franchise

By Sarah Stowe | 12 Apr 2017 View comments

Inside Franchise Business: Debbie Pham founded Cherry Bridge Station to fix a childcare problemWhen you see the chance to fix a problem, why not grab it and build a business? That's just what Debbie Pham did when she launched a childcare franchise.

"Nearly 15 years ago my family and I were excited about beginning the search for a prospective childcare centre.

"However, I was shocked and disheartened to find not only a general lack of centres, but also a shortfall regarding their quality and standards.

"There was clearly a need for positive change, and I decided that I was going to facilitate that change."

Why franchise?

"I opened my first centre in Canley Heights in 2006, then four years and 12 centres later I decided I was ready to begin franchising my business.

"My decision to go into franchising has been questioned many times. I have been told that I could put in less effort and make more money by continuing with corporate centres.

"But the truth is, I’d rather have a franchisee with a vested interest in running that particular centre, someone who really cares about the children and who will take great pride in being in control of the business.

"Our franchisees have always ranked highly in terms of business knowledge and acumen, and range from CEOs to general managers looking to make a total lifestyle change.

"Our responsibility is then to ensure that our expert childcare philosophies and processes are effectively passed on, and that a coherent network of communication and continued support is maintained.

Follow the system

"For me, it’s about taking our time, getting it right, and making sure we bring in the most suited people.

"For our franchisees, it’s about learning a great deal and opening their minds and hearts to a very profound business opportunity, focusing on children and their families.

"Above all our franchisees must follow the system.

"I think that’s what makes the difference and I think that is the key to our continuing success."