Gutter-Vac names top performing franchisee

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

Gutter-Vac franchisee Peter Hayne has proven what hard work and dedication can achieve and has been named the group’s 2012 National Franchisee of the Year. The Canberra-based mobile gutter cleaning business finished ahead of 45 other franchisees across the country in areas including business growth, turnover and community involvement.

Gutter-Vac managing director Warren Ballantyne said Peter was a worthy recipient of the award and was an inspiration to other franchisees.

“The Franchisee of the Year award is reserved for franchise partners who have excelled in aspects of the business including business growth, sales growth and support of the franchise system and the Gutter-Vac brand,” he said.

“Peter is one of our original franchisees who has established a very successful operation in the ACT and he is a model franchisee for others in the network and ought to be very proud of this achievement.”

Peter Hayne said the award was testament to the solid business model at the heart of the franchise and doing the basics well.

“When I opened Gutter-Vac ACT South eight years ago, gutter cleaning in Canberra was dominated by fly-by-nights and gardeners climbing ladders to clean by hand or making a mess with blowers,” he said. “Gutter-Vac introduced the area to specialty-trained gutter care technicians equipped with the technology to allow the job to be done properly and safely and this is what has separated us from the market and continued our growth since 2004.”

At $300 for a typical preventative gutter clean, 85 percent of Gutter-Vac ACT SouthÕs work volume is domestic with 70 percent of these jobs repeat customers.

The growing demand for Gutter-Vac ACT SouthÕs service over recent years has seen Peter employ two full-time gutter cleaning technicians to allow him the time to take on more of a managerial role and focus on the growth of his operation.

“With the support of two highly-skilled staff who I can trust to deliver the same high quality service IÕve built my business around, I now have the time to focus on client relations, fine-tuning the service, keeping abreast of new industry regulations and generating new business.”

Over the past few years Peter and his wife Michele have also been involved in the ACT Schools Mountain Bike Championships and Peter has coached and managed local soccer teams at the Weston Creek Soccer Club.