Dymocks reinvents book retailing, says CEO


CEO Don Grover tells Franchising why Dymocks’ new role as publisher is re-inventing book retailing

Dymocks has announced the launch of D Publishing, its web based service offering complete publishing capabilities for Australian authors and publishers.

F: Don, this is an exciting project

DG: Certainly the response to D Publishing has been fantastic. This is an opportunity to leverage our brand and product.

F: What does it mean for the franchisee?

DG: For the franchisee it signals another bit of innovation and investment in the industry. We’re not standing around waiting. Virtually every day someone comes in to a Dymocks store asking about getting a book published. We looked at the growth of self-publishing, there's an enormous amount. If franchisees could get people to publish, this connects them even closer with the customer.

We were very early with e-book delivery, we’re early with this. You need to have a physical size to do this; we’ve got such an advantage, we’re the largest channel to market, we’re Australian centric in both product and stories. It’s because we’re a strong Australian network we can afford to do it. D Publishing will be a profitable business, it's another channel to market.

F: This is a way for Dymocks to stay ahead of the competition?

DG: Yes. This is a very calculated hunch. Most people are just keen to tell their story, a lot want a book in print for themselves, either as an e-book or a book. If it’s published, it could get greater distribution. This is not vanity publishing. This is publishing that is author pushed, not publisher pulled. This will take a lot of the mystique out of publishing, it reinvents what it means to be a book retailer.

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