Bucking Bull and Skewerz Kebab: expansion strategy

By Sarah Stowe | 11 Apr 2018 View comments

Bucking Bull and Skewerz Kebab eateries have unveiled new stores in the recently redeveloped Mandurah Forum Shopping Centre, bringing the total number of Aktiv Brands outlets to 40

The sibling brands have opened neighbouring outlets.

“We’re very excited to have such a prominent presence in Mandurah Forum,” said Aktiv Brands executive director, Dean Vella.

“We had a remarkable response to both stores, serving nearly 4,500 customers collectively in the first seven days.”

Both Bucking Bull and Skewerz operate under the same best practice model, but appeal to very different segments in the market.

“Bucking Bull is a boutique carvery offering specializing in slow cooked and roast meats, whilst Skewerz Kebabz is a modern kebab outlet inspired by the flavours of the Mediterranean,” Vella said.

Mandurah Forum centre manager Jacqueline McKenzie said she was excited to welcome Bucking Bull and Skewerz Kebabz to the transformed centre.

“Our new indoor-outdoor food court has provided the region with an exciting new destination for dining, entertainment and relaxation and we’re thrilled to provide these two excellent quality dining options to our customers,” McKenzie said.

 The wider Perth region is a key focus in Aktiv Brands’ expansion strategy, with plans for both brands to further grow in the casual dining market.

 “Last year we launched the very first licensed Bucking Bull at Watertown Brand Outlet Centre in West Perth, and a sit-down, casual dining model for Skewerz Kebabz is currently in development,” Vella said.

The kebab casual dining model is planned to launch late 2018/early 2019 and the Bucking Bull offer will be taken nationally.

“Most shopping centre food courts across Perth have either a Bucking Bull or Skewerz, if not both, so we’re looking to diversify our models to accommodate future growth,” said Vella. 

“We are currently in the process of recruiting suitable master franchisees to play a pivotal role in the expansion of Bucking Bull and Skewerz Kebabz, particularly in Queensland and New South Wales. As well as expanding our food court foot print, we’re also looking to roll out additional casual dining restaurants in appropriate sites.”