A family recipe – How Bakers Delight is helping young families to achieve their dreams

In today’s society, the Australian dream can mean one of two things, entrepreneurship or parenthood, however sadly, the pair rarely coexist.

While the two pathways provide similar challenges; long-hours, sleepless nights and stress, they both generate enormous return on time and investment, allowing you to watch something you created grow into itself.

For Bakers Delight Boronia Junction franchisees, Greg and Mel, the dream was self-sufficiency in business, but kids were always on the cards.

“I knew that I wanted to have kids and get involved in all of that sort of stuff. I also wanted to be able to spend time with the customers so having things like marketing taken care of was really attractive to me as a franchise,” Mel said.

It was Greg’s extensive experience within the Bakers Delight network that led the husband and wife team to purchase a franchise, with the pair confident that whatever unexpected family issues would arise, the franchisor would be there to support them.

“I’m a baker/pastry chef by trade and I started with Bakers Delight about 15 years ago, I leased a store for about 18 months and then I managed to purchase that store,” Greg said.

“Having the flexibility of the bakery and family life, it blends really well, so if we’ve got special events coming up, we can roster for that.”

Mel said the ability to easily transition between her duties as a Bakers Delight franchisee and a dedicated mum gave her twice the satisfaction, and meant the routine, much like the bread, never gets stale.

“The work/life balance for Bakers Delight is fantastic,” she said.

“I get to spend heaps of time with my children, I sort of go from being mum to being salesperson to doing bookwork; I get a bit of a blend of everything so I’m not just stuck being a stay at home and I don’t have that full-on career where I’m under pressure all the time and can’t focus on my family.”

For the working mum and dad, purchasing the Bakers Delight franchise outlet at Boronia Junction allowed them achieve their goals of business ownership, while at the same time, provided the support they needed to help their family grow.

To learn more about Greg and Mel’s journey, watch the video at http://bit.ly/2FC6HWk