A baker’s delight

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

Bakery operator Emma Ryan, Bakers Delight Woodlands, Western Australia, shares her thoughts on the latest innovation.

“Our team at Bakers Delight Woodlands are very excited about the launch of our new chia bread. With the trend towards healthy living, our customers respond well towards healthy every day products,” says Ryan.

“Our chia bread that is baked fresh from scratch every day, contains whole chia seeds, a natural source of omega-3,” she explains.

“The bread has the same taste as white bread so not only will it have appeal to health conscious consumers, the whole family will love it too.

“You won’t miss our chia bread campaign in our bakery, the chia orange stands out and our marketing materials aim to reinforce the benefits of the bread to kids in particular and the whole family,” she adds.