5 minutes with Soul Origin’s Harry Yiannikas

By Sarah Stowe | 07 Jul 2017 View comments

Soul Origin is all about feeding the soul. Not only is the brand committed to offering healthy fast-food options such as salads, wraps and sandwiches, it also focusses on giving back to the community through charitable undertakings. Inside Franchise Business: Harry Yiannikas takes our Q & A.

Here, Inside Franchise Business catches up with Harry Yiannikas who is not only the training master, but also actively recruits franchisees…

1. What is your personal strength in business?

My personal strength lies in creating strong relationships with our team at the support centre and also our franchisees. This allows for a great opportunity to achieve our goals within the business and also personally .

Since coming on board two and a half years ago, I have been able to involved in the business from the ground up. This includes core areas such as operations, training, company store and interstate management, store openings and recruitment. Such a broad involvement has allowed me to add value to the internal departments as well as to our franchisees.

2. What have you learned about franchising?

  • Culture is very important to grow a brand

  • Teamwork and strong work ethic filter down to store level, which is a positive direction.

3. What does it take to have an efficient franchise model?

  • A clear company structure and brand vision

  • Clarity in individual roles to ensure tasks are completed in a professional manner.

4. What do franchisees want from their franchiser support team?

  • To listen

  • To have involvement in the brand direction

  • To ensure the brand is innovative and current in the retail environment

  • To implement best industry practice

  • To help maximise profits

  • To add value to each meeting.

5. How does a franchiser foster trust in the relationship with a franchisee?

Once again, culture. It is important to understand our franchisees’ purpose and help them along the journey. Relaying key information clearly and in a timely manner.

6. What can franchisees do to ensure a good relationship with the franchiser team?

  • Understand that management will always need to protect brand values first

  • Comply with direction

  • Communicate any issues early and find a resolution together.

7. In your experience, what is the most common mistake franchisees make?

They are in it only for the money.

8. What do you seek in an interview with a prospective franchisee?

  • A candidate who will fit the brand culture and is willing to work hard when necessary

  • Energetic

  • Good communicator.

9. What do you think is the most important quality needed of a franchisee?

Strong and clear leadership.

10. What does it take for a franchisee to be a star performer?

Engagement – our best-performing franchisees have the highest level of engagement with their customers.The star performers also have a love for the brand; it is their life and their calling.