10 things you need to know about your employees


Kirk Peterson, the managing director of Performance Shift believes any franchisee can build a successful business by training their staff as if they were elite athletes in an NRL sports team. 

He focuses much of his attention towards turning employees into ‘corporate athletes,’ and has devised a management framework based on the KOMO squared quadrant of:

  1. Know oneself
  2. Manage oneself
  3. Know others
  4. Manage others

Peterson believes businesses are often unable to achieve their full potential because managers focus primarily on their KPIs, leaving enough time to focus only on the final step – manage others. 

The 10 things he says every franchisee should know about their employees in order to get the most out of them are:

  1. Objectives – where do they see themselves? What are their career and personal objectives/goals for the next 12 months/five years? Where are they heading and how can you help them achieve their objectives?
  2. Passions – what brings them joy and makes them truly happy? How can their personal passions be included in their careers to improve engagement and performance?
  3. Innate strengths – what are they naturally good at? Where do their true strengths lie? Are they in the right role?
  4. Their hardwiring – how are they hardwired? What are their natural skills, challenges, thoughts and abilities?
  5. Learning style – are they are a visual, auditory or kinesthetic learner?
  6. Successful patterns – what patterns and habits do they follow when they are succeeding?
  7. Unsuccessful patterns – what pattern and habits do they follow when they are on a negative path?
  8. Their why? – what is the main reason they are in this job? What drives them to succeed in their role? (i.e. provide for family, self-worth, achievement, status etc.)
  9. Current brand vs. visionary brand – how is their personal brand currently viewed versus how do they want to be viewed?
  10. Their story – what is their background story and how might this create blockages or challenges on their path to success?
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