How Nathan’s Famous is helping Aussie franchisees fight back

By Sponsored | 08 Mar 2019 View comments

The franchising sector has made its name on fast-food, with gleaming examples of franchisee success and brand value easily observed in every food court, shopping centre and dining precinct around the country.

The streamlined system of operations has lent itself well to the food industry, however recent concerns over shopping centre and food court landlords have thrown the industry into the spotlight.

Leasing in these areas is more costly than ever, and with confidence in the big banks continuing to dwindle, prospective franchisees are looking to cheaper end of town for a franchise future.

That’s why now is the perfect time for U.S. heritage brand, Nathan’s Famous to launch its latest Australian expansion.

Dealers of delicious, Nathan’s Famous has become the home of the original New York hotdog, growing from humble beginnings as a nickel stand on Coney Island to the global network it is today.

The family-favourite hotdog business has carved out an impressive history of franchisee success, thanks to a low investment cost model and an affinity for good old-fashioned American food.

For over 100 years, Nathan’s Famous has refined and perfected its famous Frankfurt recipe, and the same goes for the brand’s franchise model.

To combat the growing economic and financial challenges facing the franchise sector, Nathan’s Famous rolled out a unique pop-up business model, offering prospective partners the opportunity to launch a flexible and profitable operation.

The food truck/trailer model requires minimal staff and the mobile nature of the business means that the all-important occupancy costs are greatly reduced.

Fewer staff means franchisees are not burdened with the rising cost of wages in the competitive fast-food industry, particularly in Australia, where demand for widespread reform of the nation’s casual working conditions is steadily growing.

Compound that with an investment cost starting from under $100,000; significantly lower than its food and beverage industry counterparts, and it’s not hard to see why the brand has been so successful in its home country.

Where Nathan’s Famous has really established itself as an industry leader however, is in its franchisee support structure and onboarding program.

For the U.S. family franchise, it’s never been a focus to be as big as McDonald’s, it’s more important to have the right people propel the brand’s 100 year legacy into the future, with Australian expansion marking the next big step.

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