Mum, makeup artist and trainer…how this Australian Skin Clinics franchisee forged her path to success

By Sarah Stowe | 09 Nov 2018 View comments

Beauty is more than skin deep, and no-one know this more than mum of three, manager to 24 staff and franchisee of two medi-aesthetic clinics, Kerry-Ann Sirovs.

When she started out as a makeup artist in 1988 she had no idea where her career was taking her, but she knew she had a passion for skin, education and great customer service.

“Once I started my journey in skin I knew I was never looking back.”

Many women she was working with in her make-up career wanted better skin, she says. “Creams and potions can only do so much. I was interested in what we can do to strengthen skin, for women to be the best version of themselves. This whole industry is hopefully about women feeling good about themselves.”

Kerry-Ann notched up experience in a number of cosmetic clinics as a beauty therapist before landing a role as a laser technician with Australian Skin Clinics.

“I’d been in the beauty industry since I was 23, and I kept upskilling. I’m still learning, it truly doesn’t stop.”

What Kerry-Ann loved about the Australian Skin Clinics business was the move to make laser treatments affordable and acceptable, to take it out of the realm of ‘secret women’s business’.

“I liked the concept that this should be for everybody,” she says.

And now she is fulfilling her ambition to grow a business. After working in Australian Skin Clinics as a trainer, she signed up as a franchisee  and opened the Westfield Helensvale site in 2011.

“The biggest thing for me is that I really wanted to leave a positive footprint and I really wanted to grow a business,” says Kerry-Ann.

After owning and running this clinic for more than seven years, she grabbed the opportunity to add a second clinic in Loganholme, between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

“As well as learning something new every day, the most exciting part of owning a business is watching your business grow to the point where you can start thinking about where to go next,” she says.

“I was approached by the master franchisee, we investigated the area and found there was a really big gap for the business. It’s one of those areas that will become very populated, and I’d like to have a really good footprint before that happens.”

That’s as much about trust and reputation as it is about opening a further clinic. Already customers are prepared to travel for the service and discretion that Kerry-Ann provides.

“Clients fly from Papua New Guinea or come up from Sydney and we have some A-list clients in sporting fields. I stay back and help them out after hours.”

Taking on the second clinic proved a challenge of timing because the Helensvale manager was on a five week holiday. But Kerry-Ann was excited to revive the brand’s presence in the area.

“I was lucky to open the clinic nearly two years ago and I had a bit of history with it as a trainer. But you could see then a few things weren’t being done. It unravelled and the clinic had closed. I wanted to get it up and running, and I ran it the same way as I ran Helensvale.”

So the first six weeks of the new business proved stressful, but Kerry-Ann knew what would get her through. A crucial element of a well-operated clinic is having the right skill set, and nurturing team members, she says.

“We had a lot of team bonding and huddles, and a lot of training prior to opening, but we were ready to go, and quite confident.”

Another bonus was having her son Hudson on board.

“Clients were a bit surprised to hear his voice on the phone but now there’s a few men working within the clinic, and the clients like that.”

Four months in to running two clinics and Kerry-Ann loves it: she has two new staff members and is actively networkin in the community to further develop the brand.

“I’m imprinting into the local businesses, setting up meetings, working with gyms and bridal shops to cross sell. It’s nice to meet other business owners from different backgrounds and cultures.

“As a busy mum and someone who likes to be very involved in the business, I’ve had to learn how to share my passion while trusting my team to manage the day-to-day, to ensure our clients are always happy with their results,” she says.

“To me, it’s about being true to our mission. Australian Skin Clinics prides itself on delivering results-driven treatments carried out by experienced, qualified and highly trained team members.”

Kerry-Ann’s advice for anyone wanting to become a franchisee is to know the company you want to invest your time and money into and understand where you want to go.

“At the end of the day, you want to feel proud of the brand you represent. Immerse yourself in learning and keep up to date with research and treatment information.

“When I first entered the business I asked a lot of questions, learning from the expertise of our trainers and head office support staff.

“Working with a group of driven professionals who are task focused in a friendly team-oriented environment and the consistent, high-level training means everyone is set up for success from the get-go.”