Mrs Fields cookies for charity exceeds expectations

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

Mrs. Fields Australia’s pledge to giveaway 100,000 cookies to charitable causes throughout November and December has exceeded all expectations, in both charity demand and cookies donated.

Final figures reveal that throughout November and December, Mrs. Fields has donated 118, 950 cookies to charity and school groups around the country.

The initiative was facilitated through a specially designed app on the Mrs. Fields Australia Facebook page.

Debbie Benefield and her husband Andrew, managing director of the Australian business, initiated the charity giveaway.

"What has been most gratifying about this whole experience has been the wonderful stories that have emerged about how the cookies have been used”, said Debbie. “From fundraising events, special treats for those less fortunate, stalls set up on street corners, the reports emerging really encapsulate the charitable spirit that is so important to many people during the festive season.

“I have been so impressed with all the people out there who are doing great things for others. We would definitely look at doing a donation like this again”, she added.

  • Cam (pictured above), a six-year old boy from Victoria used his share of the cookies to raise $564 to help some of the most disadvantaged children in Victoria.
  • Sylvia, a music teacher of 45 years gave the cookies to her students, many of who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, upon her retirement.
  • Variety, the Children’s Charity used the cookies to reward the runners in their recent Santa Fun Run.
  • Westmead Hospital ran a fundraising initiative with their share of the cookies, raising over $5,000 for their Nurses scholarship program.