McDonald’s Dynamic Yield technology set for global roll-out

By Nick Hall | 31 Jan 2020 View comments

McDonald’s Corp’s new high-tech customer experience initiative is delivering monster results, global CEO and president Chris Kempczinski has revealed. In a Q4 results announcement on Wednesday, Kempczinski said the company had achieved record highs in customer satisfaction, thanks to McDonald’s Dynamic Yield roll out.

The announcement comes after a solid year of new market integrations for the global fast food giant. A focus on digital experience and delivery highlighted McDonald’s 2019, with Kempczinski suggesting innovation was a driving force behind the positive quarter.

“Our strategy is focused on enhancing the customer experience by improving convenience, hospitality and personalisation,” he told shareholders at the results announcement.

“In the US, we completed about 2,000 projects in 2019 and are on track for just about all restaurants to be modernised by the end of 2020. Customers are recognising the changes we have made for their benefit. Customer satisfaction scores in the US are at an all-time high.”

McDonald’s Dynamic Yield

Far and away the most significant integration introduced over the past 12 months has been McDonald’s Dynamic Yield technology.

Acquired back in March last year, the personalisation technology tailors menu offers based on elements such as weather, current restaurant traffic and trending menu items. Further, the display also recommends additional items based on your previous selections.

Australia was the first international market to cop the new equipment, which has not only boosted customer experience Down Under, but helped to bridge a substantial technology gap between markets.

“Internationally, they have one typical content management system, and the US has another. And we’ve been able to prove very, very quickly that the technology works on both platforms, which really indicates this is ready for a global expansion,” Kempczinski said.

McDonald’s Dynamic Yield technology is now deployed in nearly all outdoor digital menu boards across the US and Australia. It’s been a monumental task for the iconic burger franchise, but one Kempczinski said was entirely necessary.

“There is no question that digital is transforming global retail. we know there is great potential with digital, but there is also a lot of hard work to do to realise our ambitions,” he said.

“Across the system, there is great excitement about the role it will play in transforming McDonald’s by strengthening and deepening relationships with our customers.”

Global roll out

While the US and Australia have served as the trial regions for McDonald’s Dynamic Yield roll out, global integration is expected to take shape this year. Kempczinski said he aims to substantially grow the number of restaurants utilising the technology, which currently sits at 700, well into the thousands.

“We’re seeing consistent trends across different day-parts, across different days of week, across those 700. And that’s certainly encouraged us with the support of our owner/operators, of course, to quite significantly accelerate the roll out,” he said.

“We know the technology works, we can plug it into our existing outdoor digital menu boards. So, we’re going to go from about 800 now to 8,000 by this time, in two weeks’ time.”

The McDonald’s Dynamic Yield project is expected to be rolled out across all major international markets this year, with the iconic fast food chain currently bolstering structures to accommodate.