Kids photo business HappyPics launches franchise

By Sarah Stowe | 03 Apr 2019 View comments

Cute kids captured on camera – what could be more inspiring? That’s the daily reality for a HappyPics franchisee.

The photography business works through childcare centres to create engaging lifestyle images with a difference.

A HappyPics image shows individual kids engaged in an activity or with a fun accessory in a pop-up studio.

Founder and franchise manager Clayton Walker says “We gain the kids’ trust and give them space and time to shine.”

What do you need to be a Happy Pics franchisee?

Photographic experience is not required. Instead franchisees need to be good at relationship building.

“I can teach photography but I can’t teach you to engage with a two year old,” says Walker, who launched the franchise at the Sydney Franchising & Business Opportunities Expo.

The business is about creating good relationships with the childcare centres and families.

“Success is when everyone is happy and buying photos,” Walker says.

Families can view photos on an online viewing platform. There is an exclusive gallery for each child, maintaining privacy and making access easy.

The business owners have built and maintain all the systems.

Behind the scenes the business is a production and printing lab for franchisees.

Once customers are registered, there’s the opportunity for centralised marketing to add to the photo opportunities for special events like Mothers’ Day.

HappyPics offers a range of products from prints to fridge magnets.

Franchise territories

Walker has been running the photography business for 15 years, four of these under the HappyPics banner.

The business works with 240 childcare centres already so franchisees could purchase territories with existing customers. There are 60 territories available across the country. In metro Sydney where the company is headquartered, 12 territories are available. A franchise costs $49,500.