Jim’s Group adds 40th division to its portfolio

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

Jim’s Group is celebrating its 40th Division with the creation of Jim’s Asbestos Removal. The newly created division brings the current total number of Jim’s franchisees to 3469.

The Building Maintenance division has seen a 26 percent increase in requests for service over the past year, while the fastest growing new division, Building Inspections (which helps identify structural problems within existing buildings), reported growth of 35 percent, adding 14 new franchisees to its line up in the last year.  

Jim Penman, owner and CEO of Jim’s Group, said “Most people are not upgrading but instead staying where they are and renovating. The last few years have seen a dramatic increase in service requests for many of my divisions, and we have been working hard to attract new franchisees to respond to the increase in service calls.”

Andre’ Lavale, business manager at Jim’s Group explained how the group expands.

‘The opportunity is there for franchisees, businesses and individuals to present new ideas and we are very open and very encouraging as they bring their ideas to the table.

“It’s important to note that although we do own the divisional rights to a number of divisions where we have developed division specific expertise, generally speaking, Jim’s Group’s expertise is in franchising. 

“Every division and every concept is different, for example, we have no idea how to run an antennas company or a security company or a paving company, but we do have more than 25 years’ experience in developing franchising models, systems and software that the expert owners of these divisions use to run their franchise businesses.

“This is very relevant when we are considering new divisions as the candidate must be an expert in that field of business. By considering their expertise and experience in the type of business they are proposing, we dramatically increase the chance of success.”

Concrete Cutting and Asbestos Removal are the most recent additions to the Jim’s Group Franchise portfolio.