InXpress rebrand to steer 30 franchise target

By Nick Hall | 01 Oct 2019 View comments

After more than 20 years on the international market, shipping and logistics franchise InXpress has announced a full-network rebrand. The InXpress rebrand, launched in August sees all global partners adopt the new ‘Your Promise, Our Business’ tagline.

Here in Australia, the latest network update comes at a pivotal time, with new country manager James Buck recently taking the reins of the 46 strong domestic franchise.

Buck told Inside Franchise Business the InXpress rebrand signalled a renewed focus on modernisation and customer-centricity.

“As a modern and progressive organisation, we needed our brand to lead the way to meet the changing needs of our customers. Our messaging is built on our core values which we hold strongly and help us to provide customers with the best possible experience,” he said.

“The rebrand gives us an opportunity to promote who we are and what we do. One of the biggest advantages to refreshing the look and feel of the brand is the potential to reach new customers.”

The new country manager acknowledged that while the InXpress rebrand would be consistent across the globe, Australia did present some local challenges.

“There are some differences in the types of services we offer here in Australia,” Buck said. “We have one of the largest networks of carriers providing more competitive options for our customers across domestic and international shipping.”

New additions leading InXpress rebrand

Buck isn’t the only new addition to join the InXpress Australia ranks in recent times. The shipping and logistics franchise also welcomed Alan Brackenbury as business performance manager for ANZ, with Amanda Payne stepping into the marketing manager role.

“Alan brings to the role over 20 years industry knowledge and experience including with TNT and DHL. He is helping support our franchisees by further developing their sales skills and growing their InXpress franchise,” Buck said.

“We also have a new marketing manager, Amanda Payne with over 20 years of broad marketing experience primarily managing the marketing function of the Australian and New Zealand businesses however who has also stepped in providing support to our Asia Pacific countries as we roll out our rebranding projects.”

InXpress future

With a new head-office team at the helm and the InXpress rebrand in full swing, Australian operations are set to soar.

Buck revealed that the brand is planning on greatly developing its domestic market presence.

“InXpress have a plan to expand our franchise network by 30 franchises in the next three years. Currently we have 46 in Australia, so this is an ambitious target,” he said.

“While franchisees can work from anywhere in the country and are not geographically bound to a territory, we are selective with the locations within which we allow franchises to operate. In doing so, we avoid saturating specific markets, thus minimising any direct competition between franchisees.”

The new InXpress rebrand can be seen across Australia currently, with the new expansion strategy set to take effect in the second half of 2019.