Inside 7-Eleven’s Good Cause program

By Sponsored | 14 Nov 2018 View comments

Since opening its first Australian store in 1977, 7-Eleven and its store leaders have been committed to contributing to the communities that they live and operate in.

This inherent desire to support those around them has led to the development of the 7-Eleven Good Cause, a community partnership program designed to make a genuine difference to the community.

Good Cause’s key areas of focus are food, migrants, youth and local communities. The program gives 7-Eleven the chance to help those who can’t afford a decent meal for their family and migrants who are struggling to settle into a new country without a job or friends, those who are sick or homeless, as well as giving support and inspiration to the young.

According to general manager corporate affairs, Clayton Ford, the program is not about ‘chequebook philanthropy’. It is designed to make a significant commitment to partner organisations and involve the broader 7-Eleven team as individuals.

“Good Cause provides opportunities for our team to work alongside chosen partners to shape projects and outcomes. We want to give our time, talent and treasure. For us, it’s about more than just giving money.” Ford said.

“Being more focused with our charitable efforts means we can make a real difference, giving our partner organisations the chance to resources and support they need to commit to new services and programs.”

Two pillar partnerships are already in place; Ford said the food pillar partnership with SecondBite will help to combat food insecurity while reducing food waste.

“Our relationship with SecondBite allows us to help redirect any of our surplus food to those who need it. Together, we hope to expand SecondBite’s food rescue and distribution program, ensuring more people around the country have access to good, quality food.”

AMES Australia is the partner in the migrants pillar. AMES Australia is the leading provider of comprehensive settlement services for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers upon arrival into Australia.

“7-Eleven proudly provides employment and career opportunities for people from Australian communities, as well as those from nations around the globe. Our partnership with AMES Australia invests in the development of innovative solutions that will encourage social and economic inclusion for migrants and refugees. We’re excited to forge a partnership that helps more refugees and migrants to live, learn and work in Australia,” Ford said.

Ford said the program also gives a home to 7-Eleven’s existing charitable activities at a national, state and store level through the community pillar.

“Many of our team members and store leaders have organisations and causes they proactively put time and money into. The next stage of our Good Cause program is designed to provide advice and support to empower our team, particularly our franchisees, to amplify the contributions they are making to their local communities. Being part of your local community and making a contribution is an important part of owning a business,” he said.

Ford said that Australians expect that businesses add value to the communities they serve.

“Any business needs to operate well and provide a great offer to its customers in order to compete. Most successful businesses however also make a contribution to the communities they are a part of. Programs such as Good Cause help to focus charitable contributions on causes that connect to the values of the business, while making a significant difference to partner charities.”

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