Infinite Cycle on track to open 20 more studios

By Sarah Stowe | 14 May 2021 View comments

Indoor cycling business Infinite Cycle reveals plans to open 20 more studios this year.

The fledgling franchise has so far signed up 12 studios, and has three open, one in ACT, two in New South Wales.

Damien Bain heads up operations for the brand. He told Inside Franchise Business there’s more growth on the way.

The brand is growing initially across Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. Melbourne opens in May, in June there will be two in New South Wales and an outlet in Brisbane. 

“We aim to open another 15 by the end of 2022. We’re also looking to New Zealand and Singapore,” said Damien.

This Aussie brand is at the beginning of its franchise journey and is seeing the growing popularity of the indoor bike model over the past 12 months.

The set up suits a post-Covid era: everyone has their own bike, participants are physically distanced in the studio and the bikes are easy to sanitise.

“Boutiques have taken off as a franchise, the industry is flooded with functional players. Cycling indoor and spin five years ago was booming in gyms, now it’s coming back. But this is not a cycle class, it’s an experience,” Damien said.

So what’s different about this business?

“The bikes we use are different,” Damien said. “They allow your joints freedom, so that unnatural stress isn’t placed on your body. They’re responsive – meaning they tilt 22 degrees each way – which helps you to burn 20 per cent more calories compared to a regular stationary bike.

“Additionally, the technology we use enables you to track your progress in real time during a class, with a summary delivered directly to your phone. These and so many other reasons are why the indoor cycling experience is rapidly growing in Australia.”

The program has peloton and endurance sessions with participants’ avatars on screen for some of the group cycling sessions.

“The digitally-enhanced experience is the only indoor cycle that has personal avatars on the screens, so participants can see themselves riding in a virtual world in real time.

For those members wanting something upbeat without a competitive element, Infinite Cycle includes rhythm, zumba and dance music.

The business has integrated new systems and processes that will have a positive impact on franchisees.

“It’s probable that our franchisees will be running cash flow positive studios within their first couple of months in operation,” Damien said.

The concept has already attracted former Sydney Swans Player, Alex Johnson, who has signed up to take on two neighbouring Melbourne territories – Armadale and Brighton.

Former Sydney Swans player Alex Johnson is an Infinite Cycle franchisee | Inside Franchise Business

Former Sydney Swans player Alex Johnson is an Infinite Cycle franchisee | Inside Franchise Business

“I want to get into the sporting niche market, and become the go-to for clubs for pre-season and in-season. We have young mums in Armadale, and it’s on a train line so there’s easy access for commuters.

“Health and fitness has been a massive part of my life, through professional sport. The number one thing is the cycling. I grew up doing a bit and was forced to do more as I was injured, and I was trying to get fit that way. It’s appealing to everyone of all ages and anyone can get a fair bit out of it.”

The creation of territories incorporating about 45,000 people is to allow franchisees to operate more than one studio in each territory – typically high foot traffic areas work well, although light industrial sites that are ‘Instragrammable’ are also in the mix.

Membership can be month by month, or a three-month contract, and the business model is reportedly geared up for franchisee to break even with 100 club members.

Last year the business developed an at-home digital fitness option, giving franchisees extra revenue and another product to sell.

“We’ve developed it with our app providers, people still want to exercise at home and members get their stats on the app,” said Damien.

“From a support level, each site will have a support manager and will oversee a group of sites.”

There will be quarterly conferences, a national conference, and monthly updates via Zoom.