Hungry Jack’s launches plant-based Rebel Whopper

By Nick Hall | 11 Oct 2019 View comments

Just days after founder Jack Cowin unveiled a new alternative meat venture, Australia’s latest beef-free burger has hit Hungry Jacks stores. The aptly named Rebel Whopper sees Cowin and the CSIRO’s new v2food patty replicate the flavours of the iconic beef patty.

Bearing a striking similarity, reportedly in both look and taste, Hungry Jack’s will be using the new Rebel Whopper to target not only Australia’s strong vegetarian market, but the emerging ‘flexitarian’ movement.

“There is a growing number of flexitarians and meat reducers who, while not necessarily vegetarian or vegan, welcome a plant-based option in their diet,” Scott Baird, Hungry Jack’s CMO said.

“The Rebel Whopper will appeal to these people without compromising on the taste our Whopper is known for and we hope to attract even more guests to our restaurants. In trials, the flavour profile of the 0 per cent beef Rebel Whopper has stacked up brilliantly against the beef Whopper. It is very difficult to tell the difference.”

Rebel Whopper X v2food

The new Rebel Whopper comes after Hungry Jack’s founder Jack Cowin, in partnership with the CSIRO officially launched his new plant-based start-up v2foods last week.

The locally developed and manufactured product contains no genetically modified ingredients, and follows a significant growth in demand for alternative meat products.

Chris Green, Hungry Jack’s CEO said the new product was likely to boost outlet sales, providing consumers with a choice between two burgers with almost identical flavour and levels of protein.

“The Rebel Whopper is the innovation the local industry has been waiting for.  The protein-rich patty has been created to be flame-grilled, so that it meets the flavour profile that has made the Whopper such a great success,” Green said.

“Flame grilling is what sets the Whopper apart and the ability to flame grill a patty made from plants was a major challenge for the innovation team.  But it was an opportunity that has now delivered a great tasting burger and we challenge people to tell the difference.”

The new Rebel Whopper is now available at all 440 Hungry Jack’s restaurants for the same price as the original beef Whopper.

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