How BCMC Safety Solutions delivers a secure income

By Sarah Stowe | 14 Sep 2021 View comments

Rules and regulations are crucial for safety companies like BCMC Safety Solutions, a professional safety compliance company that delivers safety services to residential rental properties.

Working with property agents, franchisees are able to make their clients’ lives easier by providing a professional service that meets state and federal legislation requirements.

And of course at the heart of the business is the safety of the tenants in the rental properties.

Service include installation and maintenance of smoke alarms, gas and electrical safety, checking blind cords are not a choking hazard, and safety switch and water efficiency testing.

Demand for services is driven by the regulations governing home safety not market conditions so that provides a level of income security. Its legislative based subscription model brings customer loyalty.

While franchisees are required to follow BCMC Safety Solutions procedures it isn’t essential to be a licensed electrician because there’s thorough training.

In fact business owners come from all walks of life including banking, IT, management, police, sales and teaching.

Whatever the background franchisees typically deliver a high level of customer care, and have an energetic approach to business.

BCMC franchisees operate within a territory and benefit from the franchisor’s streamlined operational process.

In addition to the systems provided, the franchisor will also manage the admin around jobs – scheduling appointments and invoicing- which leaves franchisees free to concentrate on delivering an excellent service and building their business.

This is a three-year old firm that started franchising last year, so it’s just at the beginning of its franchise expansion.  Expect to invest about $55,000 for a brand new territory.