Hire for Baby, resilient and now ready for growth 

By Sponsored | 16 Apr 2021 View comments

Over the past year or so, the pandemic has put just about every business in Australia to the test. Some came through in better shape than others – and Hire for Baby is a story of success.

“We provide a wide range of services that are always in demand, and our resilience reflects that,” says Marianna Barba. “Our business model has the strength and flexibility to weather all kinds of challenges, not just the pandemic.”  

That is one good reason why, if you’re interested in owning a business with the security of an established brand, Hire for Baby could be a great investment for the future. 

A 30-year history of success

Hire for Baby began as Hire for Babe in 1988. The first franchise was granted in 1992 and, since then, the company has grown into Australia’s largest baby equipment hire organisation.

“We now have a national network of over 75 franchises,” says Marianna.

Here are five reasons why Hire for Baby is planning for continuing growth and success.

  • Hiring reduces parents’ expenses

Babies grow so quickly that expensive equipment can become obsolete in just a few months. Hiring makes a lot more financial sense than buying – and Hire for Baby’s range of hygienic and completely safe baby equipment covers every need, from capsules, strollers to prams and portacots. 

  • Every parent wants the best for their baby

Hiring gives parents an opportunity to use equipment of the highest quality that might otherwise be beyond their budget.

  • Easier travel 

Parents can cut down on luggage by arranging to have a portacot, pram and other equipment waiting at their destination.

  • A growing trend

Today’s new parents are increasingly environmentally conscious. That means hiring is not only more practical, it is seen as the right thing to do. 

  • A name parents can trust

When parents are considering renting equipment they look for a name they can trust. Hire for Baby has all the credentials, plus a 30-year history of success. It is also one of the largest restraint fitting networks in Australia, with specially-trained fitters to provide a complementary service.

Training and support

The business looks for franchisees with a strong corporate background who would rather have the freedom of working in their own business than for someone else.

In return, franchisees can access all the initial and ongoing training and support needed to succeed.

“Our franchisees know they can leave the system to us,” says Marianna. “They’re free to spend their time growing and developing their business.”

Serving customers and communities

Hire for Baby is committed to strengthening, developing and expanding the brand across Australia without ever losing sight of customers’ and franchisees’ needs. 

“As part of our growth we’re investing in regional towns by providing a valuable service to local communities,” says Marianna.

If you’d like to be part of a venture with no limit to your success, contact us now to discuss whether this is the right opportunity for you.