Graysons’ Gutter Guard – 20 years of service

Clearing and fixing gutters – could this be the job that sets you up in business? For Grayson’s Gutter Guard and Gutter Clearing the business story began back in 2001 when founder and rock-climbing devotee Grayson saw the opportunity to develop a business based on active, outdoor work.

Now with thousands of clients serviced over the past two decades the firm is extending its reach through franchising (it launched the model last year).

Gutter cleaning is regarded as an essential service which has allowed franchisees to continue operating throughout the pandemic, keeping rooftop gutters clear of debris and pests.

Extensive safety training is provided of course and franchisees learn how to service and identify all types of gutter guards and learn ways to bird-proof buildings.

The franchise purchase price of between $83,000 and $125,000 includes the cost of training as well as equipment, uniforms and vehicle fit-out. The operations manual is cloud-based.

Grayson’s Gutter Guard franchisees can work with exclusive established products and opt to add on a window cleaning service as well.

Franchisees operate in their own territories and a centralised phone number directs prospective client calls.

Grayson’s has a network of franchisees operating across Victoria, and territories still for sale. This is an opportunity to work outdoors and become your own boss.