Leveraging your business acumen with FocalPoint

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In the current business landscape, the role of a corporate executive is rapidly changing. A reliance on low-cost, high return operation is seeing executives asked to do substantially more with fewer resources.

It’s a familiar story for the nation’s senior leadership workers. With fewer high-paying positions on offer and job stability now seen as a luxury, more executives are becoming dissatisfied with the occupational landscape.

Wouldn’t be easier to utilise that business acumen developed over years of corporate life to drive personal growth? To become your own boss and achieve more with less workplace politics?

That’s precisely the goal business coaching and mentorship franchise FocalPoint International has instilled over the past 30 years.

FocalPoint Business Coaching

Founded by business mentorship expert Brian Tracy, FocalPoint Business Coaching is an innovative venture that allows successful executives to use their professional skills to help business owners and leaders achieve their goals.

Whether it be issues relating to cash-flow, staffing or career guidance, small business owners are often on the hunt for answers, that’s where a business coach comes in.

“Business coaching is primarily about helping others who actually know what they want to do and what they need to achieve,” Andrew Phillips, FocalPoint head of international franchising said.

“Then it’s about encouraging them and helping them see the benefits, and therefore, the work, activities and discipline need to achieve them.”

Through a series of proven systems and strategies, FocalPoint business coaches develop ongoing relationships with their clients, providing a foundation to drive personal and professional growth.

However, rather than the average consultancy-based model, FocalPoint coaches are also franchise partners. The model allows executives with extensive business experience to leverage their professional background to become their own boss, while also receiving the backing and support of an established brand.

What FocalPoint franchisees receive

The FocalPoint franchise model is best suited towards executives with 15 years of business experience who are self-starters, eager to take on a new challenge and help others.

FocalPoint’s managing director in Australia, Robert Zammit commented “each franchisee undertakes a comprehensive certification training program in North America using the world-class training and coaching programs developed by Brian Tracy, which are exclusive to FocalPoint.”

“In addition, each new coach receives a complete marketing and sales start-up toolkit to ensure a smooth transition to entrepreneurship. Our coaches also have the comfort of full access to the global resources and support of the FocalPoint group.”

Each franchisee receives a complete marketing and sales start-up toolkit, to ensure a smooth transition to entrepreneurship. Further, partners will also engage in world-class training and coaching programs developed by Brian Tracy, along with ongoing support from the global business.

If you have the business acumen and drive to start your own business, why not impart it on others? Visit franchisebusiness.com.au/brands/focalpoint-international/ and make an enquiry today!