EARL Canteen; the no weekend work café franchise

By Sponsored | 11 Jul 2019 View comments

While the lure of owning your café might be appealing to some, for others it spells the end of the Saturday sleep-in.

There’s no denying that entrepreneur or not, Aussies love their weekends. It’s precisely why innovative café concept EARL Canteen is rolling out its inaugural franchise model.

The Melbourne-based business provides fast, healthy food and speciality coffee across the CBD region. With grab and go options prepared daily and an in-store kitchen where made-to-order meals are cooked fresh; EARL Canteen has established a business built on convenience and quality.

After nine years of operation, EARL Canteen is branching out, offering prospective franchisees the option to join an industry-leading café team.

The hands-on approach provides franchisees with a wealth of support and training initiatives to help them in their journey. However, it’s the lure of work/life balance that is putting EARL Canteen at the forefront of the healthy fast-food sector.

Many of the brand’s opportunities are in corporate locations and offer Monday to Friday trading hours. The hustle and bustle of the corporate world means convenient healthy options are in hot demand, and come Saturday, franchisees are free to hit the snooze button.

It’s not just a lunch rush where EARL franchisees can make the money, either. Stores generally trade from 7am to 4pm, with some outlets operating longer, presenting the opportunity for eagle-eyed entrepreneurs to capture the breakfast and dinner markets.

It’s all part of the ‘EARL for every part of your day’ ethos, whereby the family-owned brand promotes healthy living and heartfelt food in a hurry.

EARL franchisees do not need to be experts in the hospitality sector, but a passion for good food and exceptional service is a must.

If you are excited by the prospect of owning your café without parting with your weekend ritual, share in the love of healthy eating with EARL Canteen. Visit franchisebusiness.com.au/brands/earl-canteen/ and make an enquiry today.