Donut King launches mobile business

By Sarah Stowe | 18 Aug 2021 View comments

Aussie sweet treat favourite Donut King launches a mobile business, giving would-be business owners a fresh new way to invest in the popular brand.

Donuts to your door – this exciting development is now out and about, and ready to roll out across Australia.

To find out more, Inside Franchise Business spoke with Kellie Cranch, general manager partner development.

Q: How long has Donut King mobile been in the pipeline? 

A: We spent time trialling the vans in different regions using existing franchise partners. Based on the results from these trials, we are excited  to move forward and offer Donut King mobile to the market.

Q: How many franchisees do you plan to sign up in the next 12 months?  

A: We would like to have on the ground in excess of 30 vans.

Q: This offers a more flexible and affordable option for franchisees – what’s the investment level?  

A: It will cost $ 139,000 + GST and normal franchise service fees will apply. As a launch bonus we are offering $2000 worth of coffee beans and we have a sales revenue guarantee for the first two weeks of trade.

Q: Do you expect existing store owners to add this to their portfolio? 

A: This is an option that could complement our existing franchisees who would like to branch  out and add events, or a mobile option to their existing Donut King businesses.

We are also expecting a lot of new interest, from people who want to be out on the road, being in charge of their own destiny.

Q: How will you manage training etc if lockdowns continue over the next few months? 

A: We have had to look at different ways to facilitate training over the Covid period.  In an ideal world we would like the new Donut King franchisees to train in our new training facility at Miami on the Gold Coast.

If the franchisee lives in an area where travel is restricted, we will find an alternative way to train them close to their home.

Q: Who are typical customers for the mobile business?

A: The typical customers are from industrial areas, sporting groups, schools and corporate offices.

Q: What’s different about this business model from other coffee vans? 

A: Donuts are the biggest staple of the Donut King business. By adding the DK product range to our vans, it enables our franchisees to tap into the equity of the brand and offer for sale products not commonly found on a coffee van.