Domino’s continues to innovate with virtual chef

By Nick Hall | 12 Nov 2018 View comments

Global franchise pizza chain, Domino’s has unveiled a world first, announcing the launch of New Pizza Chef, an augmented reality (AR) application set to revolutionise the customer journey.

The latest technological development sees Domino’s customers with the power to create their own pizza combination through the Domino’s app on their mobile device in real-time.

Michael Gillespie, Domino’s Group chief digital and technology officer said New Pizza Chef was a huge step forward for digital integration in the food retailing space and utilised Google and Apple’s augments reality development frameworks to understand the space around users.

“Google’s ARCore and Apples ARKit uses the phone’s camera to provide stable, advanced spatial awareness and an understanding of the real world around our customers. Enabling them to see their dream pizza steaming right in front of them and viewed from any angle,” Gillespie said.

The New Pizza Chef app follows a series of AR integrations in the franchise retail space, with Barbeques Galore launching its At Home app last week.

According to the Global Augmented Reality Market Research Report 2018-2025, the AR market has experienced a steady rise, exceeding USD$1b and is predicted to grow around 65 per cent CAGR from 2017-2025.

Gillespie said Domino’s adoption of new market technology was critical to the long-term success of its franchisees.

“Innovations such as the New Pizza Chef with Augmented Reality are important as they help us to continue to drive online sales, and with up to two million items sold online in one week, we know it’s important for us to always be making the online ordering experience more seamless, rewarding and memorable for our customers,” Gillespie said.

The New Pizza Chef isn’t the first technologically driven innovation that Domino’s has presented to market; with the brand boasting robotic delivery and a first-to-market GPS delivery driver tracker.

Domino’s Australia CEO, Nick Knight said the company was committed to changing the way people think about fast food, creating a more comprehensive digital experience.

“At Domino’s we like to think differently and always push the boundaries of what’s possible. This is evident in the rollout of technology such as our popular Live Pizza Tracker, OnTime Cooking and our GPS Driver Tracker technology,” Knight said.

“We never lose sight of the importance of fitting into our customer’s busy lives, but we also want to offer an experience that’s different and unique.”

The New Pizza Chef is now available through the Domino’s app on both Apple and Android phones.