Innovation part of the Crust Gourmet Pizza ‘DNA’

By Nick Hall | 05 Dec 2019 View comments

When it comes to fast-food favourites, it’s hard to go past the pizza. However, a growing trend for health-conscious eating habits is changing the way chains operate, case in point; Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar.

The brand has well and truly embraced the ‘premium-isation’ of pizza over the past few years.

Crust Gourmet Pizza was one of the first domestically owned and operated pizza franchises to position itself as a specialised offering on the takeaway scene. Hosting a menu emblazoned with gourmet ingredients like fresh prawns, truffles and house cooked Mediterranean lamb, Crust hasn’t been afraid to experiment with flavours.

“Customers value the quality and innovation that is anchored in the pizza offering and it is this advantage that has assisted with the brand’s longevity in the market,” Crust Gourmet Pizza general manager Renée North said.

Changing consumer habits

For over 20 years, the chain has placed itself at the forefront of franchise gourmet grub, even weighing into the emerging ketogenic consumer demand, rolling out a low-carb pizza base for the health-conscious customer.

It’s all part of the chain’s repositioning strategy, North revealed. Announced late last year, the rebranding saw Crust focus its energies on digital transformation and customer experience.

“The brand’s DNA prides itself on staying ahead of global trends and continually challenging itself to remain current and relevant to its customers,” she said.

“The once in 20-year brand refresh was designed to future-proof the brand in a modern and appealing way that would position Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar’s premium offering across the competitive Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) landscape.”

The full-market revamp isn’t just boosting sales here in Australia either. Since the roll-out began, the entire Crust team has been monitoring its success, with international acclaim.

“Analytics have demonstrated an increase in new customers online and walk-in customers have been evident as consumers are invited in by the new branding,” North said.

“Further abroad, the rebrand has attracted interest from potential international buyers, with our first UK store now open with the new branding.”

Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar’s future

As consumers continue to develop new palettes and preferences, North revealed the key to Crust’s growth will be segmentation through health consciousness.

“The pizza industry has experienced several major market shifts with changing consumer preferences, expansion of food choices and the influence of food delivery businesses driving increases in consumption of a wider range of meals at home,” she said.

“The demand for low carb, gluten free, meat free, vegan, Halal and lactose free is increasing constantly and it’s our promise to continue thinking and creating adventurously for all our customers.”

Additionally, North said the is looking to introduce a new reward and recognition program that highlights outstanding franchise partners for their efforts across sales, customer service, training and mentoring.