Cookie franchise opening outlets

By Sarah Stowe | 29 Oct 2015 View comments

Soft baked cookie and coffee franchise franchise Mrs Fields Cookies is reaping the benefits of offering affordable luxury in the form of comfort food in a climate of financial constraint. Managing director Andrew Benefield said “Australians have been dunking a biscuit in their tea for over 200 years, through the lean times and the good. We have grown up to coffee and a soft baked cookie so it still makes good business.

“We have four new franchiseÕs opening in the next four months, and half of our existing franchisees experienced double digit retail sales growth in the calendar year to 31st March. Many AustralianÕs are delaying bigger purchases until there is more economic certainty, making it easier to reward themselves with a coffee or a cookie.”

Mrs. Fields Cookies have been in Australia for over 20 years and its profile continues to grow in prominence around the country.

It is an internationally recognised brand present in a number of airports around the world including Singapore, Hong Kong and across the US, and a new Mrs. Fields outlet will open in the Sydney International Terminal in August as part of the facilityÕs multi-million dollar redevelopment.