Buying a fitness franchise: does the business have everything you need?

By Sarah Stowe | 05 Nov 2020 View comments

Before you commit to buying a fitness franchise it’s wise to know some of the underlying issues that can have an impact on the decision.

When you buy a franchise you’ll be committed to working hard to achieve success. As Rebecca Hull, franchise recruitment manager at Fitstop Australia points out, ask yourself why you are looking to get into a fitness business and what are you looking to achieve in your life through this business?

“When stepping into your business there is no longer a work/life balance, this becomes a work/life integration,” she says. “Whilst there is flexibility with your business and setting your own hours, to get your business off the ground successfully you will be spending a lot of hours at your gym and developing local business relationships. 

“If you are doing this because you love health and fitness and want to make an impact, you will do what it takes, love the process along the way and be financially rewarded.”

Processes are important to achieving best practice so buying a business with sophisticated back-end systems gives confidence that the franchise is structured to work for franchisees.

“Ensure you are detailed around the systems, structures and partnerships the franchise has. When entering into a franchise you are doing so for the brand but also the systems and structures which should set you up for success,” says Rebecca. 

Of course some elements of support are obvious in a franchise – others less so, and are more specific to the fitness industry.

7 things to check in the fitness franchise

Rebecca suggests asking if the franchise has integrated the following elements into the business:

  • good lead management tools
  • marketing
  • apparel partnerships
  • supplement partnerships
  • check-in systems
  • music
  • programed workouts 

“If you need to develop your own then this becomes costly both in time and money to develop. As a prospective franchise it is important to look into the detail of this and the support the franchise will provide you along the way,” she advises.

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