Budget buys: a franchise for under $30,000

Buying a business doesn’t need to be an expensive option . In fact you can buy a franchise for less than $30,000 and get back-up and support to help you on your way.

The services sector, outside of food and hospitality, is the ideal place to look for budget buys.

Cleaning and maintenance businesses offer everyone the chance to make their mark as their own boss. They are an easily accessible, affordable way to change your career.

Are fed up with working for the boss?

Have you always wanted to run your own business?

Do you meed to find a fresh way to support yourself and your family?

A low-cost investment in this sector could shape up to a big future.

Let’s do a run through of the businesses you could consider.

Budget buys

Here is a selection of what’s available in this price range:


A specialist in fixing leaking showers and balconies – this just scrapes over our budget with a $30,000 +GST investment.

My Home Services Group

Recently expanded to offer franchisees all its services in one, this covers everything from cleaning to home and pet watching services. Spend $25,000 to $30,000 on a franchise.

Oven Valets

Oven cleaning franchise – expect to pay $25,000 +GST and get two weeks training and a three to six month income guarantee.


Oven cleaning business – the capital investment is $25,000 +GST.  An international brand that began in 1994 in the UK.

The Local Guys

An electrical test and tag franchise. It will cost you $24,900 to invest in, and there’s a 12 month guaranteed income. No tech knowledge required.

Urban Clean

Commercial cleaning – a franchise costs from $18,750+GST. There’s a conditional income guarantee, training and the choice of a regional or service franchise.

Of course it’s important to remember the importance of thorough research on any business before you buy, no matter how small the investment.