Bring your vision to life

By Sarah Stowe | 01 Aug 2016 View comments

Do you find yourself caught up in the daily grind, busy with day-to-day tasks of keeping up with your job? 

You may have a vision in your mind of where you want to be, but perhaps it hasn’t formalised on paper with objectives and strategies to keep you on track.

Do you see yourself becoming a business owner in the B2B space?  Is the idea of owning multiple businesses also part of that aim?

Above all – are you after something that has more meaning?

Everyone has ideas and aspirations; it’s the guiding principle that shapes your motivation and commitment into what you do and are passionate about.

A vision provides a direction or destination individuals want to get to.

In other words, it’s what keeping you focused on what is really important to you.

The Alternative Board (TAB) is a franchise that works with other business owners to help them create a goal and a plan to help them achieve it. It starts with their personal vision which business owners can use to achieve what is really important to them.

Just as you have ambitions to own a business, other small to medium sized brands have their own pursuits and objectives.

Business owners aim to multiply their profits.

Business owners dream of expanding with multiple sites.

Business owners want to review their processes for efficiency.

Business owners want to keep their best employees engaged and satisfied.

But they too, can be caught up in the daily grind.

Imagine if it was your business to be part of making their pursuits come true?

Vision is critical for everyone. But making a vision come to life is the challenging part.

The Alternative Board (TAB) meets that challenge, providing clients with the support and advice needed to realise their ambitions.

TAB provides strategic business leadership (SBL) help for private business owners to grow their business and achieve their personal aspirations.

TAB brings business owners and leaders from non-competing sectors together like a board of directors. They support each other by working on challenges and opportunities faced in each business. A board can help clients blueprint their expansion plans or put their entrepreneurial goal on paper and plan the objectives and strategies required to make them happen.

TAB members are provided with tailored business coaching; from initial sessions to monthly check-ins. Business owner advisory board meetings allow clients to share their vision with a board of like-minded professionals.

TAB Connect also allows members to share their challenges and receive feedback from a network of business owners globally.

Become part of a brand that helps bring visions to life with The Alternative Board.