Boost Juice: behind the scenes at an information night

By Sarah Stowe | 08 Feb 2019 View comments

When you love the brand and the product and want to find out more about a franchise as a business option but don’t want to over-commit, what are your options?

Let’s assume you’ve already scoured social media and the company website to glean as much information as possible. You’re keen but not committed. What’s next?

Well, sometimes the franchise head office can provide an easy solution.

Take Boost Juice, for instance. It’s operating in over 485 stores across 14 countries and has an additional four countries ready to launch.

While it has squeezed and blended its way throught tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables to become the global phenomenon it is today, Boost Juice is reliant on good franchisees to deliver a consistently high quality service.

So how does the franchisor pick the right franchisee? How does a potential buyer get the knowledge they need to fully understand the business they are entering into.

One way that franchisors can help the matchmaking process along is an information night. This is often the first step for someone looking to join a business and it’s a tool that Boost Juice has used to good effect in its hunt for the perfect franchisee.

Boost Juice franchise development manager, Ali Kurtdereli, tells Inside Franchise Business, “We know the key to a successful relationship between a franchisor and franchisee is effective communication.”

What can you expect from a franchise information night?

At Boost Juice, for instance, information is provided on product development, marketing, financial cost, store design and concept, support centre roles and responsibilities and the different internal systems franchisees will have access to.

The brand’s franchise business consultants and the learning and development team join the general manager and head of operations to answer franchise buyer questions.

There is the opportunity to engage in a question and answer session with current partners in the network, to learn about their real-world experience and what it really takes to become a successful partner and franchisee.

Kurtdereli says there are substantial benefits for franchise buyers who attend an information night.

“They are a fantastic opportunity for people to learn more about the industry, the support they will receive from the business and any potential challenges they may face in the role.

“Having the opportunity to meet current partners and discuss their experiences is really beneficial and we always see great feedback on this after the sessions.”

Attendees have direct access to the GM, recruitment team, operations team and current franchise partners all under the one roof.

“We like to limit the number of people attending to 100 per session to ensure the sessions are intimate and effective. We really want to spend adequate time answering all questions the attendees may have so they leave armed with the information they need to take the next step into franchising.”

Kurtdereli reveals that no selection is done at an information night but attendees are encouraged to participate in pre-application discussions with the recruitment team to prepare for the next steps in the process.

“We use these nights as an opportunity to really showcase where the brand is heading in the future, whether that’s product innovation, marketing initiatives or technological advances, and potential greenfield sites that are available or those that may become available.”