Billy Slater’s goals for Billy’s Buddies

By Sarah Stowe | 01 Nov 2019 View comments

Two minutes with Billy Slater, rugby league legend and founder of Billy’s Buddies…

I have a sporting background as you probably know, which started when I first picked up a footy back when I was younger. I have also been lucky enough to have met many great and inspirational business people during my rugby league career.

Throughout my time playing rugby league I met many parents, kids and business owners who had an active interest in rugby league, sport, and the development of kids. It seemed a logical path for me to give back a little of my experience while making sure that our Billy’s Buddies program is fun and engaging.

Billy Slater’s goals

My goals are to continue to build awareness of Billy’s Buddies throughout Queensland and the eastern seaboard. I want to positively promote the benefit of franchisee ownership and conversion of franchise sales. We aim to increase participation of kids aged two to six in our programs.

I have enjoyed visiting franchisees, parents and children in Queensland and NSW over the past three years at Come and Try days or program launches. I’ve also chatted with a lot of our coaches, which has been fantastic.

As a leader I like to understand how I can help the business achieve our goals and go about getting to where we need to be in a very positive way.

My approach to roadblocks is that communication is the key. I like to discuss all the factors, then look at all possible solutions and work towards an appropriate outcome.

When I’m measuring the success of the business, there are a few critical factors. These include franchise sales, current program participants, forecasted program participants and frequent marketing exposure to ensure Billy’s Buddies remains current and relevant.

Business is a lot like sport. You’ve got to have a good team, a leader with vision, and be flexible to address challenges as they arise.

I’m super lucky to be living my dream, as I’ve got a great family and we have a shared interest in horses. I like to relax with my family at home or on our farm.