World-first Anytime Fitness Antarctica studio opens

By Nick Hall | 13 Jan 2020 View comments

After outlining its ambitious plans last year, iconic franchise Anytime Fitness has made good on its promise to become truly global. A world-first Anytime Fitness Antarctica studio has opened to the public, making the chain the first franchise with representation on all seven continents.

Housed on-board Antarctica21’s newest cruise ship, Magellan Explorer, the latest Anytime Fitness studio broke new grounds in late November, when guests finally got the chance to see the gym up close.

President Dave Mortensen and CEO Chuck Runyon were on-board to the inaugural journey, with the co-founders revealing the latest achievement was one of their proudest.

“We’re truly taking our mission, ‘To improve the self-esteem of the world,’ to another level,” Runyon said.

“It’s something our brand takes incredibly seriously, and it’s up to our leadership team to make our vision a reality. Being the only franchise to operate on all seven continents and land a gym on the coldest, windiest, driest region of the world was no easy feat but was a necessary step in contributing to our mission.”

Magellan Explorer

The new Anytime Fitness Antarctica studio is equipped with all the extras you’d expect from the franchise icon. Passengers can enjoy top of the line cardio and strength equipment 24 hours a day, providing a much-needed physical escape from the harsh outside conditions.

Launching with a 10-day trip departing from Punta Arenas, Chile, the Magellan Explorer travelled across the Drake Passage, before stopping at a range of environmental hotspots. However, the new Anytime Fitness Antarctica studio wasn’t the only innovative addition passengers took note of.

Antarctica21 director of expedition operations, Mariano Curiel said the vessel was specifically designed with input from an international team of polar expedition experts.

“As the expedition leader, it’s been an honour and a pleasure to set off to Antarctica on the inaugural voyage of this spectacular ship; a ship that have helped design,” he said.

“Together with my team, I look forward to welcoming guests on board Magellan Explorer and to introduce explorers to the majestic beauty of the White Continent.”

Anytime Fitness Antarctica

For Runyon and Anytime Fitness however, the successful launch was a momentous occasion.

“Having the opportunity to be the featured gym on the one of a kind Magellan Explorer was the perfect way to bring health and wellness to the South Pole,” he said.

“Our partnership with Antarctica21 is game-changing. Not only have we upped the ante when it comes to accessibility, we’re rally bringing the vision of Anytime Fitness to life. The fact that Dave and I had the opportunity to experience this historic milestone first-hand is almost surreal.”

With the latest Anytime Fitness Antarctica studio officially open, the chain now has more than 4500 locations across all continents.