Andersens expands along eastern coastline

By Sarah Stowe | 16 Mar 2020 View comments

If you’re ready to snap up a retail franchise, check out what Andersens is doing right now.

The heritage flooring franchise is expanding its store network along the eastern coastline. The region between northern New South Wales and Sydney is the initial development area, with further expansion to follow.

Andersens has been a privately owned business for six decades and has grown organically to 50 stores.

The average tenure at the floorcoverings chain is 14 years with some franchisees well over 25 years and some 30 years.

Andersens expands

Dean Lightfoot, national expansion manager, is helping take the brand to the next stage, with a target of 10 stores to open along the coast this year.

Lightfoot told Inside Franchise Business the business model is evolving to meet the needs and expectations of customers. One example is backing up their work with a 100 Day Peace of Mind Guarantee, which is valid for purchases made in-store and on the new online rug store on the brand website.

CEO Rowan Hodge said “We do that with great confidence because our consultants are really specialists at getting that match right the first time. That’s not as easy as it sounds and it’s something that sets us apart from our competitors.

“Our job is to deal with the customer standing before us, and in their home, and help them choose what’s right for them.”

The other growth lever for the company is a purposeful return to its country town roots in terms of service and branding, with employees now sporting a new uniform design at all stores.

“What we look for is a franchisee candidate whose values align with our own. We aspire to support our franchise community with a standard that we call Country Town Service, and we insist that our franchisees do the same with their customers.

“It’s a distinctive culture of service to the customer, whether you’re in a metropolitan city store or a store in the bush.

“Our founder, Jack, had a terrific slogan: “Treat your customer as though they’re your best friend’s mother.” There’s something quite refreshing and comforting about that country town approach and it’s what makes us special.”