6 kids franchises under $60k

By Nick Hall | 17 Oct 2019 View comments

Becoming a business owner gives you the chance to invest in your future, so why not invest in the future of others at the same time? Kids franchises, whether they be sporting, education or after-school care are some of the most rewarding business ventures you can enter into.

Coaches, tutors and mentors play an integral role in the development of young children, helping them to grow emotionally and physically.

But aside from the intrinsic rewards, kids franchises are also some of the most affordable on offer, largely due to their no-premise necessary model. Most educational or sporting franchise models are mobile, reducing investment costs and allowing interested entrepreneurs to get into business far more easily.

So, if you are ready to lead the next generation of Aussies, take a look at these fantastic kids franchises.

1. Little Kickers

With over 60,000 children attending a class each week, Little Kickers is one of the most successful global kids franchises on offer.

Since launching in 2002, the children’s sporting and coaching franchise has grown across 30 international markets, finding its place here in Australia.

Franchisees have a range of support systems which include: huge depth of program, forums, videos, marketing and branding materials, various online training materials, sophisticated booking system, website, merchandise and operation manual.

Partners can buy into the franchise for as little as $27,000 plus GST, within a 10 per cent management fee, 1 per cent marketing fee, 0.5 per cent IT system levy.

2. Tutor Doctor

With private tutoring fast-becoming one of the nation’s most in-demand industries, kids franchises like Tutor Doctor are responding.

With over 590 locations across the world, Tutor Doctor has helped over 270,000 people achieve their academic goals, not to mention the wealth of Australians who have also achieved entrepreneurial goals.

The no-experience required model means that interested entrepreneurs can get started with Tutor Doctor even if they have no background in education.

A franchise costs an initial investment of $60,000, which covers training, support, IT and ongoing skills development.

3. Gecko Sports

School-based fitness and multi-sport franchise Gecko Sports provides primary-aged children with dedicated physical activity programs.

The franchised chain has been running since 2007, and best suits someone who is physically fit and passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle.

A Gecko Sports franchise business has an initial investment cost of just $38,000 plus GST, with a fixed 15 per cent franchise fee. Additionally, the flexible system allows franchisees to schedule their work around their family commitments.

4. Kumon

After-school education program Kumon is one of the largest and most developed kids franchises on the market, catering to over 4 million students across 51 countries.

The business provides tutoring and educational services to children, with all Kumon franchisees put through an intensive training programme prior to opening, with personalised support offer throughout.

The Australian operation will set you back just $8052, depending on venue and leasing costs. Additionally, Kumon’s franchisee fee is just $1000, making the global offering one of the most easily financed kids franchises available.

Kumon franchisees will have the opportunity to develop the next generation of Australians leaders, while building a profitable business backed by years of franchise success.

5. Soccajoeys

Established in 2007, Soccajoeys is a proven franchise model backed by an experienced team of support staff.

The model best suits entrepreneurs with a passion for sport and fitness, who want to empower young people to take a positive approach to life.

Initial capital investment for a Soccajoeys franchise is between $20,000 and $40,000, which covers ongoing support structures and all start-up equipment.

6. Billy’s Buddies

Founded by former NRL superstar Billy Slater, Billy’s Buddies has quickly become one of Eastern Australia’s most popular kids franchises.

Since kicking off in 2016, the chain has expanded its programs across South-East Queensland, Sydney and most recently Cairns, providing children with a fun, fitness-based development offering.

The non-contact basic all skills program was developed by Slater to enhance children’s hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills, confidence and self-esteem in a safe and relaxed environment.

Despite having celebrity appeal, Billy’s Buddies doesn’t have a celebrity price tag. In fact, prospective franchisees can buy into the business for an initial capital investment of $25,000 plus GST.

Kids franchises

Like all business opportunities, kids franchises are hard work. You must be committed to making a difference to the lives of others, while at the same time, have the drive to generate new business.

Working with children can certainly be challenging, but the rewards are plentiful. Particularly when the initial outlay doesn’t break the bank.

Consider if a children’s education, sporting or care franchise is your ticket to a rewarding future.